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Payments & Billing

Can I purchase online with my Hallensteins Credit Account?

Yes, we accept Hallensteins credit account cards. To set up your account, please go to and follow the steps.

Can I purchase online with my Hallensteins Gift Card?

Yes. You need to register your gift card first by going to Gift Cards > Register a gift card.

Please Note: Gift Cards can only be used to purchase in the currency that was loaded on to the card. Unfortunately New Zealand Gift Cards cannot be redeemed in AUD or vice versa.

Is it safe to buy online using my credit card?

When you enter your personal information on our website we use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology to protect your information as it is transmitted to us. Where an online retailer uses SSL technology, at the checkout the online retailer serves and your PC encrypts everything that you enter into your computer, such as credit card details, billing and delivery address. When it is encrypted, generally other computers are unable to make sense of it, therefore keeping the information private while it is being transmitted.

Why is my order suspended?

Our system automatically suspends orders as a security precaution to protect not only ourselves, but our customers from fraudulent activity. In the event that your order is suspended, we may request you to send through ID verification before we can approve it. To protect your privacy, you’re more than welcome to cover sensitive details such as your date of birth, ID number, and expiry date on your ID.

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