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Staff wellbeing and empowerment.

Our people are what makes Glassons and Hallenstein Brothers the iconic brands they are today. Whether it be our frontline staff in our stores, the office staff in the engine room, or the gifted people producing our beautiful garments in our factories; all play a crucial role in our success.

We recognise this; our people are entitled to feel valued, respected and appreciated. We also want to make sure they feel safe and happy whilst at work.

Our focus on staff wellbeing and empowerment has four themes:

1. An engaged and empowered workforce.

An empowered workforce makes for a happy crew – and we are committed to supporting that empowerment by promoting our values of respect, dignity, nondiscrimination and providing safe workplaces.

We are an Equal Employment Opportunity employer with a diversity policy that ensures we have a diverse and inclusive workforce. Everyone joining our team is supported with a comprehensive induction programme and a career development plan that we develop together.

We review performance and job satisfaction six monthly, setting goals and KPIs with staff to ensure they continue to grow in their roles.

In terms of staff wellbeing, all staff can access:

• Gym membership with a discount

• Health Insurance with a discount

Healthy, happy staff are more likely to be productive and have more to contribute. Simple really.

Employee Assistance Programme.

HGH cares for staff in a number of ways; one of those is our membership of

the Employee Assistance Programme, EAPworks.

EAPworks can provide assistance and counselling to employees in need in a number of ways. The programme can help employees with stress or relationship issues, as well as providing mentoring, career planning, life transition skills and more.

It’s available to all HGH employees and clearly promoted through posters at our HQ, and in distribution centres and retail stores (staff only areas) with phone number and details.

HGH pays for two free sessions and then EAP will contact the business if they believe the staff member would benefit from more. If this happens, it is always approved.

Employee trust.

In addition to our membership with EAPworks, our Employee Trust was set up to

support staff through hardship and/or career development. Staff can apply to the trust for financial support.

Here’s how the trust helps our team:

• Hardship support

• Career advancement

• Additional funds

2. Career development.

Supporting our staff early in their careers is critical to ensuring a happy workplace and this is something we focus on doing really well. Healthy, happy, empowered staff can achieve great things!

Once a staff member is part of the HGH family, we provide ongoing professional development support through numerous training opportunities.

Glassons staff training and development.

Glassons offer two programmes, Empower and Aspire, to train, upskill and allow

employees to reach their potential.


• Offers induction sales training for all team members (this is compulsory)

• Full training on all zones of selling so stylists can feel confident on shop floor

in any area

• Teaches engagement principles using instore technology to help enhance a

customer’s experience.


• Provides a leadership training programme - anyone who wants to may apply.

• Focuses on leadership and management aspects of the business and career growth/opportunities in the business

• Offers the tools to focus on achieving individual career goals.

Hallenstein Brothers staff training and development.

Hallenstein Brothers offer a comprehensive sales induction programme, called the Brothers Guide to Sales.


This is a full induction and sales training program that all employees complete within their first 30 days, which includes:

  • An introduction to the company values and the role these play in store and across the business
  • A comprehensive guide to selling to a wide range of customers that focuses on a genuine and authentic customer experience
  • A wealth of product knowledge of all core areas of the business
  • Engaging digital content showcasing key people in the business, the culture and succession planning
  • Complete understanding of basic store operations, in store shop technology and the role these play to support the customer experience
  • “Buddy system” based learning that ensures best practice during the induction process and includes sign off and feedback portions throughout.

3. A safe workplace.

We’re very serious about providing our staff with a safe place to work. Our health and safety policies and programmes go beyond compliance to ensure this. We care about our employees - feeling safe in their workplace is a given for us.

We actively promote health and safety throughout the business. Our Health and Safety Committee (which includes HGH Board members) monitors HGH health and safety and regularly reports directly to the Board with recommendations for improvements. We also have a workers committee who provide very valuable “shop floor” health and safety input on specific issues.

4. Effective and transparent communication.

It’s all about being clear.

Good communication is important for any company to function effectively. Our staff and management should feel they can easily communicate with each other – and our other stakeholders should feel we communicate clearly with them.

Within HGH, we have established an approachable, flexible, dynamic culture of feeling connected.


Living Wage – As a company we pay ‘Fair Wage’ and support ‘Living Wage’ by working with our suppliers to meet Living Wage benchmarks.

A Living Wage should be earned in a standard work week (no more than 48 hours as a maximum) by a worker and be sufficient to afford a decent standard of living for the worker and their family.

Elements of a decent standard of living include food, housing, and other essential needs such as clothing, education, healthcare, transport and including provision for unexpected events.

A Living Wage should allow individuals to work and help themselves and their families escape poverty.

Our Actions to date in support of Living Wage:

  • Researched the gap between prevailing and living wages to establish benchmarks.
  • Documented the proportion of workers who have secure contracts, earn a living wage and have the opportunity to join independent unions.
  • Report progress on living wages in our annual sustainability report.
  • Our higher wage project - we are currently working on a project with selected suppliers to further understand how suppliers set and pay wages across a range of interrelated aspects.

Community Support

Supporting the communities where we live and work is important to HGH; it’s a vital way we stay connected to people, many of whom are our customers too.

We have been supporting charities dear to our heart for a number of years now. These include:

• Women’s Refuge (with product)

• Breast Cancer NZ

We also support one off events, such as Hallenstein Brothers’ sponsorship of NZ music month 2020.

For more information see our Sustainability Report.